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  • Are You Retiring or Separating from the University of Illinois System?

    You may be eligible to defer unused vacation and/or compensable sick leave into the University 403(b) or State 457 retirement plans.

  • Juneteenth Holiday

    As President Killeen announced in his June 17th communication, we are pleased to add Juneteenth National Independence Day to the University of Illinois System holiday schedule beginning June 2022.

  • Reminder: Academic Vacation Leave Rollover

    Last June, we communicated that all academic employees (faculty, academic professional, and post docs) who are eligible for vacation leave would be allowed to rollover a maximum of 53 (increased from 48) vacation leave days from AY 2019/2020 to be used in AY 2020/2021. Employees who rolled over up to five (5) days of accrued but unused vacation from AY 2019/2020, in addition to the 48 days maximum, must use those extra days by August 15, 2021. The rollover maximum of 48 days will be restored for AY 2021/2022. 

  • Vacation and Sick Leave Changes for Overtime Exempt Civil Service Staff

    We write today to share information related to our vacation and sick leave policies. In 2018, as the University of Illinois System assessed the impact of a change in the State Universities Civil Service System procedures, we identified an opportunity to standardize time reporting, and vacation and sick leave benefits and their usage, for our civil service employees who are exempt from overtime per the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). 

  • Academic Vacation Leave Rollover

    The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to our current work and living environments, thus affecting our ability to use vacation leave at this time. To enable employees to utilize their earned vacation leave time, vacation leave eligible academic employees (faculty, academic professional, and post docs) will be allowed to rollover five (5) accrued but unused vacation leave days from AY 2019/2020 to be used in AY 2020/2021. The maximum rollover of vacation leave in August 2020 will be 53 days (424 hours). Any days accrued in AY 2019/2020 (up to five (5)), rolled over to AY 2020/2021, must be used on or before August 15, 2021. The maximum vacation leave rollover of 48 days will be reinstated for AY2021/2022. As a reminder, floating holidays must be used by June 30th; unused days do not rollover to the new fiscal year.