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  • Plants growing in laboratory designed to be used in space.

    UIUC team creates stretchy sensors for gardening in space habitats

    Growing food successfully can be hard enough here on Earth. Growing food in space faces truly out-of-the-world challenges. But a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign team stretched the limits of engineering - literally - to find a creative solution for gardening in space.

  • a healthcare professional holds a yellow tincture with eyedropper

    UIS certification programs help qualify, prepare workers in cannabis sectors

    Recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois in 2020, but industry leaders have struggled to find qualified employees. With the help of a national marijuana education leader, the University of Illinois in Springfield has launched five cannabis certification programs to prepare a new workforce for this growing sector of the state's economy.

  • An aerial photo of farm fields south of Champaign, highlighting in a red circle where the Alma Mater Plots will be.

    New Alma Mater test plots coming soon to Urbana-Champaign

    You may already know that the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is home to the Morrow Plots, the second-oldest experimental test field in the Americas. It's about to have a younger, bigger sibling. Located south of Curtis Road, the 55-acre Alma Mater Plots is expected to be the site of long-term agricultural research for the next 150 years.

  • Jordi Cabana, professor of chemistry, talks to a student at the Next-Gen Electrochemistry Workshop in Summer 2023.

    Department of Energy ‘Earthshot’ grants fund UIC research on green tech advances

    The latest $264M round of grants included awards to projects led by and involving University of Illinois Chicago researchers in the College of Engineering and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Their research will develop new materials for carbon capture and hydrogen transportation and new processes for the cleaner production of steel.

  • two members of the Illini Solar Car team posing in front of their newest car, Calypso

    UIUC-designed and built solar car featured at Chicago Auto Show

    The Calypso was designed and created by students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It took three years to build, and it will soon race across the country. "We'll be racing in the American Solar Challenge throughout the American Midwest this summer – as well as the Formula Sun Grand Prix, which is a track race in Kansas," said UIUC student Erie Berri.

  • A very young dairy calf in a bed of hay, with its mother above

    Feeding calves better, more milk leads to more productive dairy cows

    “Feeding calves better makes better milk cows,” says Jim Drackley, PhD and professor of animal sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. That sounds like a simple enough undertaking, but that’s not been the case historically. Early calf nutrition – at the milk phase stage, in particular – is only now getting the level of attention it deserves from producers, nutritionists and veterinarians.

  • a close-up picture of new synthetic diamond semiconductor

    Synthetic diamond semiconductor represents giant leap towards global carbon neutrality

    In a significant leap for semiconductor technology, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed a high-performance device made of synthetic diamond. This revolutionary invention boasts the highest breakdown voltage and the lowest leakage current among diamond devices, presenting an efficient and sustainable path towards the global ambition of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

  • UIUC MatSE professor Qing Cao with graduate student and lead author Fufei An.

    UIUC, research partners show vital role of coal in next-gen electronics

    As the country transitions to other means of energy production, it will be important to consider and reevaluate coal’s economic role. A joint research effort from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has shown how coal can play a vital role in next-generation electronic devices.

  • Sangamon CEO students in a classroom

    Innovate Springfield launches mentor matching program for high school students

    Innovate Springfield(link is external), the University of Illinois Springfield’s downtown business incubator, is partnering with the Illinois Science and Technology Coalition (ISTC) to create a professional mentorship matching program for high school students in the Sangamon CEO program. The students will be paired with innovative leaders to work on student-driven business startup ideas. 

  • Engineering students dissect car phone-mount products and plan for their presentations.

    Collaborative learning experiences crucial in preparing engineering students for the workforce

    These experiential, hands-on group projects aim to build the collaborative skills that these future engineers will encounter in the workplace and that accreditation organizations indicate are crucial components of engineering curricula. 

  • 2023 U of I System Leadership State Tour logo

    On the 2023 Leadership State Tour: preparing tomorrow's leaders

    We're committed to increasing opportunities for all who seek higher education, from high school students deciding on their next steps to transfer students joining us on their educational journeys. The University of Illinois System is eager to welcome ambitious learners to our world-class universities.

  • The UIUC quad at dusk, with many students

    UIUC-related research hubs get official designation from U.S. Economic Development Association

    The Illinois Fermentation and Agriculture Biomanufacturing Hub (iFAB) and The Bloch Tech Hub, two research hubs associated with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), have received official designations as Regional Innovation and Technology Hubs from President Biden and the U.S. Economic Development Administration. 

  • U of I System President Tim Killeen, Jerry Bell, and Dale Morrison.

    Real Impact: Robust collaborations activate diverse vendors' successes

    The Diverse Supplier Development Program welcomes minority-, woman-, persons with disabilities-, and veteran-owned businesses at no cost to participants. The diversity procurement program lives out the system’s commitment to creating a more inclusive Illinois economy.