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The University of Illinois System is leading the charge in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic—from innovative testing solutions, to clinical trials for vaccines and treatments, to pioneering new research and innovations, to providing resources and assistance for our communities, and more.
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  • red and white spiky COVID ball

    UIC awarded $6 million to develop potential COVID-19 treatment

    Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago are developing a potential treatment for COVID-19, thanks to a $6 million technology and therapeutic development award from the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • schematic of sample and processing

    Illinois researchers advance COVID-19 point-of-care technologies

    Advances made by researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are set to improve the ability to diagnose COVID-19 and other infectious diseases more quickly and at the point of care. 

  • overhead view of factory in neighborhood emitting smoke from smokestacks

    The environmental lessons of COVID-19

    Atmospheric scientists at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign emphasize that the drop in carbon dioxide emissions during the pandemic needs more effort to be sustained.

  • UIC campus with skyline

    UIC selected to lead Illinois-based team for U.S. RECOVER consortium

    UIC has been selected to lead an Illinois-based team for the U.S. RECOVER consortium. Dr. Jerrry Krishnan is a part of the team spearheading the efforts to bring health centers, community-based organizations and faith-based organizations in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford and Urbana together to form a network of state resources for a directory that can be available to people with long COVID-19.

  • Black male being vaccinated by white male

    Illinois Extension contributes to vaccination awareness effort in state

    A new partnership between Cooperative Extension, the Extension Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is empowering land-grant universities across the country to strengthen immunization education with a special focus on adult vaccine hesitancy around both COVID-19 and other adult vaccines.

  • Masked Black male with orange SHIELD t-shirt h gloves handing test tube to man

    UIUC receives APLU award for COVID-19 testing program

    The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has received the inaugural Research Response to Community Crisis Award from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities for its COVID-19 testing program.

  • Female with glasses in ILLINOIS sweatshirt spits into tube

    Frequent COVID-19 testing key to efficient, early detection, study finds

    COVID-19 testing works best when administered multiple times per week as part of a routine screening program, such as the SHIELD Illinois saliva-testing protocol, a new study found. 

  • several masked, white coat lab workers gathered around a laptop in lab

    UIC conducting community research on emerging variants

    Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago are offering free rapid diagnostic testing for COVID-19 in vulnerable Chicago communities and performing genomic sequencing on the samples to identify variants as part of a National Institutes of Health-funded initiative called RADx-UP.

  • vaccine vial close up in gloved hand

    Med students administer vaccines to underserved communities

    Medical students in Champaign-Urbana are working to get vaccines to underserved communities. They’re sharing information about the shot, while also advocating for it.

  • red and white spiky COVID ball

    UIS, Community Health Roundtable to host webinar on lasting effects of COVID-19

    The University of Illinois Springfield Innovation Hub, the UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership and the Community Health Roundtable will host a free public webinar titled “The Lasting Effects of COVID-19 on Patients, the Health Care System and the World."

  • masked worker with clipboard talks to Black masked female in coat

    SHIELD CU helping raise vaccination rates among people of color

    The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign's SHIELD CU team is partnering with local organizations to help boost the COVID-19 vaccination rate in Champaign County's community of color.

  • illustration of COVID graphene detection process

    'Wonder material' can be used to detect COVID-19 quickly, accurately

    Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago have successfully used graphene — one of the strongest, thinnest known materials — to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus in laboratory experiments. 

  • female researcher performing testing in lab

    IDPH expands COVID-19 testing to elementary schools

    To help ensure schools can more safely resume in-person learning, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) announced it is expanding access to no-cost and low-cost COVID-19 testing to elementary schools across Illinois.  Schools can choose to utilize the saliva-based covidSHIELD test developed by the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

  • masked female healthcare worker assisting black male older patient in mask

    How wearable AI could help you recover from covid

    Funded by the National Institutes of Health, clinicians at UI Health have been conducting a study with digital-medicine startup PhysIQ to do remote monitoring of COVID-19 patients. 

  • woman carrying samples in lab

    Wall Street Journal: COVID-19 testing could be a viable long-term business bet

    The University of Illinois System, SHIELD Illinois and Shield T3 are featured in a Wall Street Journal Story about how COVID-19 testing could remain a key component for resuming normal life in the U.S.

  • Female receiving vaccine from female nurse

    Citizen science project explores causes, solutions to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

    With funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Prevention Research Centers, the UIC School of Public Health is launching a project to better understand the multi-faceted causes of vaccine hesitancy across different communities and the best interventions to improve vaccine confidence and uptake. 

  • Female professor and female grad student pose in front of the Alma Mater on UIUC campus

    How pandemic-related changes affect college students' motivation

    A study by educational researchers at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign found that some biology students’ interest in their studies and motivation actually increased during the pandemic.

  • female scientist processing tests in lab

    IDPH & DPI announce statewide system to monitor COVID-19 in wastewater

    The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) today announced a statewide system to monitor the virus that causes COVID-19 and its variants in wastewater, providing public health officials with early warnings of a potential outbreak on a county-by-county basis.

  • patient in hat and mask getting vaccination in arm

    UIC leads new collaborative to reduce COVID-19 disparities

    The University of Illinois Chicago has been selected by the National Institutes of Health as the principal site of a multi-center collaborative in the Chicago area that will bolster research and outreach to help communities disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

  • red spiky ball rendering of COVID molecule

    Survey measures health care delays during pandemic’s beginning

    At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, a University of Illinois Chicago researcher conducted a survey asking respondents if they experienced health care delays because of the pandemic. The study also presented a unique opportunity to capture a historic moment at the pandemic’s beginning.

  • man in shirt and tie working at a desk on computer

    UIS to co-host webinar on COVID and returning to work

    The University of Illinois Springfield Innovation Hub, UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership and the Community Health Roundtable will host a free public webinar titled “COVID-19 and Returning to Work: Implications for the Workforce, Women and Work Sectors” at Noon Friday, May 21 via Zoom.

  • group shot of researchers

    Team creates new portable COVID-19 test

    A new coronavirus test can get accurate results from a saliva sample in less than 30 minutes, researchers report in the journal Nature Communications. Many of the components of the hand-held device used in this technology can be 3D-printed, and the test can detect as little as one viral particle per 1-microliter drop of fluid.

  • saliva test tube

    UIS now offering testing to public

    The University of Illinois Springfield, in partnership with SHIELD Illinois, is now offering free COVID-19 saliva testing to the public. 

  • Alison Dickson

    Paper: Sharp decline in women's labor force participation in Illinois due to COVID-19

    A new paper co-written by a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign researcher who studies labor issues affecting low-wage workers finds that almost 40% of working mothers in the state of Illinois lost jobs or were working fewer hours due to the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • SHIELD covid testing in the lab

    State invests big in COVID tests for schools

    P{ublic health officials announced a $225 million plan to subsidize the use of University of Illinois COVID-19 saliva tests at public middle schools and high schools.

  • Michael LeRoy

    Work-refusal safety laws serve employees poorly during pandemic

    A new paper from a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign expert in labor law shows that current work-refusal laws are out-of-step with modern workplaces and provided meager benefits to employees who have refused to work when risks involved chemicals, radiation and other microscopic or invisible hazards such as COVID-19.

  • Bin Jiang, Yi Lu and William Sullivan

    Study finds green spaces linked to lower racial disparity in COVID-19 infection rates

    A higher ratio of green spaces at the county level is associated with a lower racial disparity in coronavirus infection rates, according to a new study. 

  • Pamela Martinez

    Study maps COVID-19 health disparities in Greater Santiago

    People up to age 40 living in economically depressed municipalities in the Greater Santiago, Chile, metropolitan area were three times more likely to die as a result of the infection than their counterparts in wealthier areas, researchers report in the journal Science. 

  • close up of dental instruments in mouth of patient

    Study: 2% of asymptomatic pediatric dental patients test positive for COVID-19

    A study by a University of Illinois Chicago pediatric dentist has shown a novel way to track potential COVID-19 cases — testing children who visit the dentist. The study also showed an over 2% positivity rate for the asymptomatic children tested. 

  • UIC Government Finance Research Center logo

    New reports address COVID-19’s fiscal effects, policy possibilities

    From revenue shortfalls to meeting increased demand for public services, the challenges facing government entities require atypical policies to deal with these issues in the COVID-19 era and beyond, according to new reports from the Government Finance Research Center at the University of Illinois Chicago.

  • Three Chicago area heat maps

    Maps show the need for racial equity In Chicago’s road to COVID-19 recovery

    The Mapping COVID-19 Recovery Project is the collaborative effort of 25 major Chicago foundations, nonprofit organizations, and public and private groups, including the Field Foundation of Illinois, the MacArthur Foundation, the city’s Office of Equity and Racial Justice and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • Junghwan Kim on campus

    COVID-19 mobility restrictions effective for short duration, study finds

    Attempts at restricting people’s mobility to control the spread of COVID-19 may be effective only for a short period, researchers said. A new study examines people’s mobility for seven months during the pandemic in the United States using publicly available, anonymized mobile phone data.

  • close up of covid test processing in lab

    Community colleges in Illinois now have option to provide free covidSHIELD tests to state residents

    Community colleges across the state now have the ability to provide the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s (UIUC) innovative, saliva-based COVID-19 test at no cost to any state resident who wants one. 

  • female student wearing Illini mask at desk in classroom

    K-12 Shield Playbook offers guidance for reopening schools

    A new resource is available to help guide teachers and school administrators as they reopen schools amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, assembled by researchers and experts at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

  • tampons

    Study launched to study vaccine relationship to menstrual cycle

    Kate Clancy from UIUC and a colleague are launching a study on the COVID vaccine and the relationship to the menstrual cycle after experiencing unusual side effects.

  • empty classroom desks

    Program innovates to help prisoners continue to learn during COVID

    UIUC's Education Justice Project was able to keep some of its prison courses going through paper correspondence and video instruction during the pandemic, when online learning was not an option.

  • scientist wearing PPE working in lab

    Research funding led to COVID breakthroughs

    Jay Walsh, U of I System interim VP of economic development and innovation, and Peter Schiffer, Frederick W. Beinecke professor of applied physics at Yale University, write about the value of America's government-university research partnership in an op-ed in The Hill.

  • headshots for Ujjal Kumar Mukherjee and Sridhar Seshadri

    Study: Rapid bulk-testing for COVID-19 key to reopening universities

    A new paper co-written by business professors Gies College of Business professors shows that rapid bulk-testing for COVID-19 along with other standard mitigation measures such as mask-wearing and social distancing were the keys to successfully reopening college campuses during the pandemic.

  • Researcher in SHIELD lab carrying samples

    Rivian donates $500,000 to support SHIELD Illinois testing

    The University of Illinois System received a $500,000 donation from Rivian to support the recently opened SHIELD Illinois COVID-19 testing lab at Illinois State University (ISU), which is located within five miles of the electric automaker’s factory in Normal.

  • Supercomputer in Urbana-Champaign

    U.S. Covid-19 supercomputing group evaluates year-long effort

    Members of the Covid-19 High-Performance Computing Consortium on Tuesday spoke on the progress of their initiative and advocated for a formal organization that would be in charge of making computing resources available in the event of future pandemics, hurricanes, oil spills, wildfires and other natural disasters.

  • COVID red spiky ball image

    Novel COVID-19 drug blocks viral replication

    Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago have identified a potent new antiviral compound that can effectively block viral replication in human cells.

  • test tube samples in lab

    Saliva test being expanded in Champaign-Urbana community

    OSF HealthCare announced a new partnership with the University of Illinois Tuesday that will expand the U of I’s saliva-based COVID-19 test into the broader Champaign-Urbana community.

  • Masked student gives thumbs up as he receives the vaccine

    Vaccine study now open for student enrollment

    UIUC students may now enroll in a study to help understand the effectiveness of vaccines in reducing the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Anna Lopez works on laptop and mobile phone at desk

    Volunteers help Chicago residents without internet connect to COVID-19 vaccines

    A UIC computer science student created a volunteer group on Facebook aimed at helping individuals from Chicago's Black and brown communities book vaccine appointments online.

  • COVID-19 molecule red and white rendering

    UIS hosts webinar on COVID-19 & marginalized populations

    UIS and the Community Health Roundtable will host a free public webinar titled “Implications of COVID-19 for Historically Marginalized Populations and the Aging Population” at Noon Friday, March 16 via Zoom.

  • Lorraine Brown with arms in air and mask on celebrating vaccination

    UIC working to deliver vaccinations to city's most vulnerable

    The University of Illinois Chicago along with Protect Chicago Plus have partnered to provide 1,000 COVID-19 vaccines to residents in the Englewood neighborhood, with plans to expand to other city areas with vulnerable populations. 

  • six feet apart sign in dining hall with worker

    Killeen recognizes innovation and work that have kept campuses open

    University of Illinois System President Tim Killeen on Thursday recognized the thousands of staff, faculty and students whose efforts made the challenging 2020-21 academic year not only possible at the three system universities but a model of success.

  • Lincoln statue with UIS mask

    UIS hosts webinar on "Getting our Lives Back"

    The University of Illinois Springfield Innovation Hub and UIS Center for State Policy and Leadership will host a free public COVID-19 webinar titled “Getting our Lives Back: The Opportunities that Lie Ahead” at Noon Friday, March 12 via Zoom.

  • wastewater samples in test tubes in lab

    UIC tests Cook County Jail wastewater to catch early outbreaks

    On a recent morning, a UIC team, accompanied by doctors from the jail's Cermak Health Services and the Chicago Department of Health, showed NBC5 how they take samples from sewers at six different sites inside the jail complex.

  • Close up of test tubes in lab

    U of I System receives FDA authorization for covidSHIELD test process

    The University of Illinois System received emergency use authorization (EUA) today from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for covidSHIELD, its innovative saliva-based COVID-19 test that was used on the U of I campuses to hold the virus in check by utilizing widespread testing with rapid results.