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  • Transfer Made Easy

    Real Impact: Experiences take Focus off Community College Transfer Myths

  • Inaugural Digital Risk Newsletter Released

    Digital Risk Office Newsletter

    Managing digital risks and opportunities is a responsibility that belongs to everyone. We want you to know what’s going on so you can ask questions, become more informed, and collaborate with us.   

  • Fourth System-wide virtual Mental Health Keynote Address

    Fourth System-wide Virtual Mental Health Keynote Address

    The fourth System-wide virtual Mental Health Keynote Address was held on October 11 and was delivered by Dr. Luoluo Hong. Dr. Hong's virtual keynote presentation: Resilience, Resistance & Roaring: Integrating Belonging, Social Justice & Well-Being Into Our Educational Mission was attended by more than 350 system wide faculty and staff. 

    Employees and students may access the event recording through this link Resilience, Resistance & Roaring: Integrating Belonging, Social Justice & Well-Being Into Our Educational Mission Recording (NetID required to view the recording).

    For more details visit our website.

  • University of Illinois System Apparel Store Now Available

    We are delighted to introduce a new University of Illinois System apparel store available to System Offices employees by a diverse supplier.  It is very exciting to share the encouraging developments that have taken place to promote diversity and inclusion through our merchandise offerings.

    The system believes in fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity in all aspects of our operations, including the procurement of merchandise. The decision to work with a diverse supplier for our apparel store is a reflection of our commitment to supporting underrepresented businesses.

    Each System Offices unit is invited to participate in this program and use a C-FOAPAL to pay for merchandise. Individuals may also participate in this program and use a credit or debit card to pay for merchandise. Please visit the system apparel store to see the offerings and place your order. Please keep these things in mind if you plan to make a purchase:

    • This is a new program and we have limited stock, allowing us and our partners to gauge interest and test the process. 
    • Due to limited supply, fulfillment of large quantities may take 2-4 weeks. 

    By sourcing merchandise from diverse suppliers, we contribute to the growth and empowerment of   minority-owned businesses within our community and beyond. This partnership creates beneficial opportunities for economic advancement.

    We encourage all system employees to stay engaged with our university community by promoting and actively supporting the apparel store supplied by diverse suppliers. Your purchases directly contribute to the success and sustainability of this initiative, making a positive impact on the broader community.

    Let's continue to champion diversity and inclusion and proudly wear apparel from the system's diverse suppliers.

    Thanks also to the team who worked hard to make this great outcome possible!


    Nick Jones, Executive Vice President & VP Academic Affairs 
    Paul Ellinger, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, System Offices
    Aaron Carter, Assistant Vice President, Procurement Services

  • OpEd Project Public Voices

    OpEd Project Public Voices Cohort Announcement

  • Dr Luoluo Hong, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Save the Date - Resilience, Resistance & Roaring: Integrating Belonging, Social Justice & Well-Being Into Our Educational Mission

    The University of Illinois System hosts an annual online discussion devoted to issues around mental health. Initially planned as a day-long, interactive event, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the 2020 and 2021 programs being held virtually. It was decided that 2022's program and future events would also be offered via the virtual format. So far, nearly 1,300 faculty, staff, and students from the three universities and system offices participated in the three events. The event is hosted by President Killeen and the three chancellors and is keynoted by nationally recognized leaders in the student mental health arena. The discussions recognize the importance of mental health support, provide a forum to explore fresh ideas, strengthen system-wide relationships, and generate innovative strategies to address the growing need for effective and available mental health services to promote student and employee success. The events, to date, are just the start of an ongoing effort to address mental health response while emphasizing the role all members of the campus community can play in supporting a caring and nurturing environment that allows students and employees to thrive and reach their full potential.

    The fourth System-Wide Mental Health Program is scheduled for October 11, from 1:30-3:30pm. Dr. Luoluo (pronounced “lō-lō”) Hong, Vice President for Student Engagement and Well-Being, Georgia Institute of Technology,  will serve as the keynote speaker with her presentation: Resilience, Resistance & Roaring: Integrating Belonging, Social Justice & Well-Being Into Our Educational Mission. The event is free to all faculty, staff, and students. 

     About Vice President Hong | Student Engagement and Well-Being (

  • President's Executive Leadership Program Announcement

    2023-2024 President’s Executive Leadership Program Fellows Announced

  • The U of I System Engagement with Community Colleges Continues into the Summer

    The EVP/VPAA University Academic programs and Services (UAPS) team are taking the lead in carrying transfer arena conversations directly to community college partners. The past academic year the U of I System met with the College of DuPage, John A. Logan, Moraine Valley, and Illinois Eastern Community Colleges for discussions on the transfer arena and witnessed the system work directly with Elgin, Kishwaukee, Highland, McHenry, and Rock Valley community colleges. The system hosted the 4th annual Transfer Symposium, while the My Credits Transfer program engaged directly with Black Hawk, Lake County, John Wood, Lincoln Land, Parkland, Oakton, Prairie State, Richland, Sauk Valley, Triton and Waubonsee community colleges. The system’s engagement with community colleges will continue on through the summer and into the new academic year.

    The UAPS team, along with transfer admission colleagues from our three universities will be hosting a boutique transfer symposium with the City College of Chicago, and in separate meetings, to discuss the transfer processes and the strengthening of relationships. Meetings were held at Harper College and at Joliet Junior College, in addition system-community college meetings will also be held at Richland and Lincoln Land.

    Across the 2022-23 academic year, the system, either through its Transfer Guarantee Program, UAPS, or MCT will have engaged directly with 32 of the state’s 48 community colleges by summer’s close.

    The system is proud to continue and strengthen its numerous relationships and partnerships with Illinois’ great community colleges and is proud of its part in Illinois leading the nation in community college transfer students’ baccalaureate degree completions.

  • Student Data Affected by Cybersecurity Attack on National Student Clearinghouse

  • News Release

    Faculty and Staff Data Potentially Affected by Cyberattacks Against State of Illinois, other Organizations

    Faculty and Staff Data Potentially Affected by Cyberattacks Against State of Illinois, other Organizations