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Find information on badge-eligible activities you can complete for the University of Illinois Financial Literacy Badges program as well as articles on a variety of financial topics. Digital badges align with the US Department of Treasury's financial core competencies of Borrow, Earn, Protect, Save & Spend.

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  • Navigating Financial Aid

    Many students fund their college degrees with some type of financial aid. Navigating the financial aid process can be confusing, but you can head in the right direction by watching this recorded webinar, Navigating Financial Aid. This webinar is part of the Making Money Moves series, in partnership with UIC Office of Special Scholarship Programs, UIC Financial Aid and Scholarships & UIC African American Academic Network.

  • Cash at College: Spending, Saving & Student Loans

    University of Illinois USFSCO's Student Money Management Center and University of Illinois Extension teamed up to offer this educational webinar for all University of Illinois students. This free webinar features lessons on:

    (1) how to effectively budget your money while in college
    (2) the basics of banking
    (3) options for paying your college tuition
    (4) understanding credit
    (5) and how to make the most of your college education

    Cash at College offers an important guide to managing your finances, so don't miss out! Watch the recording today! Take the quiz afterwards to get credit towards the SPENDING badge.