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  • Welcome to the Chatbot Test Page

    This website demonstrates the new UIF ChatBot product.

    We are currently building a library of questions and answers. The stronger the library, the better trained the bot will be to answer questions. The more questions asked and answered, the more the bot learns to anticipate likely answers based on variations of similar questions.

    We’d welcome your help and your feedback:

    • Try chatting and ask the bot any question you think a donor might ask. The bot may not currently know the answer or may provide a fairly generic answer, but the more you ask, the more the bot learns, and the more our team can design more helpful answers.
    • Email any frequently asked questions documents with answers you might have on hand to, so that those questions and answers can be incorporated.
    • Share any other feedback you have in the bot too!

    Thank you for your help!


    ChatBot Implementation Team