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    ITG Program Guide

    Through Advancement IT Governance(ITG), we will prioritize and align our technologyand project resources to the IT services that present the greatest opportunities for the advancement community. Advancement IT Governancesupports a system of strategic decision-making and creates processes for IT investment and prioritization. It also provides a mechanism for communication, reporting, and performance measurement. The Advancement IT Governanceefforts will use a group of governance structuresthat evaluate and recommend IT directions in support of the advancement community. Our processes createa common approach to solicit, review, prioritize,and execute advancement technology projects involving UIF technology resources.

    The guide found here is designed to explain the various components of the Advancement IT GovernanceProgram with definitions of terms and structures as well as explanations and illustrations of processes and work flows.

    IT Governance Teams

    IT Governance teams are comprised of two strategic teams, UIF Executive Operations Team and IT Governance Council, and multiple functional teams (Working Groups). The IT Governance Council will provide oversight for the ITG process and its functions, and the Working Groups will review and prioritize enhancement requests and other advancement technology projects within each of their areas. When an enhancement request is submitted, it will be routed through the IT Governance process, being reviewed by the Working Group for prioritization and recommendation to be approved by the IT Governance Council. Once approved by the IT Governance Council, Business Analysts will work with the project sponsor to create functional specs and Application Developers will implement the updates.

    See a full list of the  IT Governance Working Groups here. 

    Active Project Requests

    All active and prioritized ITG Projects and Project Requests will be posted here and will be updated at the beginning of every month.

    Advancement Technology Services Roadmap

    The most updated ATS roadmap can be found here and provides an overview of upcoming impact Impact Releases, ITG and UIF Projects, and Program Initiatives. 

    OATS Project Management Life Cycle Guide

    The intent of the Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC) is to provide standards and guidelines for project management for the Office of Advancement Technology Services (OATS) led projects. The PMLC standards and guidelines have been developed to assist Project Managers and the OATS teams in planning and execution ofthe projects as well as to provide a documented and repeatable process to enhance and standardize projectexecution and performance. The OATS PLMC Guide can be found here.



    For more details on any of the Working Groups, ITG Project Requests, ITG Projects, or Program Initiatives please contact us at