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  • Process


    There are six components of the UIDEA process:

    Application: We invite teams with “startup” ideas to apply for funding and advising to design or pilot an initiative that harnesses an emerging opportunity/technology or addresses a “horizon” issue that the organization will undoubtedly need to tackle in the future. Application periods will occur once per year with applications being due in November.

    Selection: A team of thought leaders in advancement, technology, entrepreneurship, etc. serve one-year terms on a Selection Committee, charged with identifying the initiatives for the batches and for helping to frame the direction for the batches (identifying preferred verticals or horizontals).

    Batch Work: Accepted teams have 12 weeks to design or pilot their initiative during the batch, with advising from the Strategic Innovation team, Selection Committee, and other external advisors. Batch participants come together once every week for advising, feedback, and dedicated work time.

    Demo Day: At the end of the 12 weeks, the teams participate in Demo Day, during which each team presents the results from its pilot or shares its strategy design; the Selection Committee provides feedback as if it were a corporate advisory board or group of investors, and audience members can also interact with the teams to share feedback and offer support for scaling the initiative further across advancement.

    Due Diligence: Subsequent to Demo Day, the teams review feedback from the in-person and livestream audiences and address any outstanding questions in preparation for meetings with the Selection Committee. During this time, the Selection Committee will review additional documentation (including budgets, toolkits, marketing plans, etc.) developed by the teams during the 12 weeks and clarify remaining questions.

    Decision: Once the teams have been through due diligence, the Selection Committee decides which initiatives will advance to next batch, which will be scaled, and which will be terminated.