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    In 2014, the University of Illinois Development Program adopted a revised set of core values vital to internal and external relationships and to the management of a top performing advancement program. One of those values—inspire innovation—was designed to embed a spirit of innovation throughout the advancement enterprise, reflective of the innovation exhibited by the students, faculty, and staff at our great universities.

    The accelerator, named UIDEA (University of Illinois Development and Engagement Accelerator), creates a space for teams to design or pilot new advancement strategies, technologies, programs, and processes to benefit the University of Illinois.

    UIDEA is just one component of a larger innovation ecosystem that spans the University System. The accelerator offers another avenue for innovation at Illinois and is meant to fast track advancement innovation initiatives where desired and when other resources may not be available. It’s a way to experiment where failure is a known and acceptable risk and where success can transform our universities and industry.