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  • Requirements


    Time Commitment

    UIDEA does not currently grant sabbaticals to participate, stipends or payment for participation, or justification for not completing required position responsibilities. It is meant for applicants with hustle and drive who want to dramatically grow the advancement program and who can “do both” their current job and their accelerator work. Beyond the required during-work-hours obligations outlined below, participants should balance UIDEA work with their professional and personal responsibilites, during and/or after traditional business hours as possible. For others who want to participate but do not have the time or capacity, an advisor role or Selection Committee participation may be better options.

    Admitted participants are expected to attend the following activities in person:

    • Batch Kickoff, the first event of the 12-week program.
    • Demo Day, the culminating event of the 12-week program.

    Admitted participants are also expected to participate in the following activities via Skype or Zoom:

    • Team meetings as outlined by the Founders' Agreement
    • UIDEA All-in batch checkpoints, with all teams, one-hour every other week, typically over the lunch hour
    • UIDEA one-on-one checkpoints, between UIDEA staff and each team, 45 minutes to one hour every other week (opposing weeks from the All-in checkpoints), as scheduled by the teams
    • A due diligence session with the Selection Committee as it finalizes its decisions about which teams' ideas will advance.

    Supervisor Approval

    UIDEA applicants do not need advance supervisor approval in order to apply. We acknowledge that certain ideas may not gain traction where time and financial resources are limited or when there are competing day-to-day or strategic objectives. The accelerator creates an avenue through which those ideas can be presented without the constraints of traditional supervisor buy-in.

    Vice Chancellors (or representative EOT members) or designees will be provided a list of Batch applicants during the application process and will have the opportunity to deny an applicant's participation in the upcoming batch if there are known and documented performance issues with that employee. However, UIDEA may offer the opportunity for such an employee to grow beyond his/her current position. As always, supervisors are encouraged to discuss concerns with their DOA/CAO, AVC, etc.

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