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    Batch Participants: Each batch includes a number of teams. Those teams are comprised of a small number of members, not to exceed six. The participants self select into roles like chief innovator, head of growth, technical lead, user experience lead, or others as designed within each team.

    Selection Committee: A Selection Committee of advancement professionals, academic partners, industry experts, technologists, and alumni advise Accelerator operations by identifying preferred verticals or horizontals for upcoming batch application cycles; selects initiatives and teams for batches; identifies and provides introduction to potential partners within and outside the University; serves as a “corporate advisory board” for Demo Day; and advocates on behalf of the Accelerator.

    Advisors: Advisors are used throughout the accelerator process and may be industry experts, alumni, faculty, etc. with knowledge specific to a team’s initiative. They are encouraged to communicate regularly with teams and are invited to attend meetings with Batch participants at least once per year as well as partner alongside initiatives in a guidance and expertise role. Advisors are also invited to attend Demo Day.

    Staff: UIF Strategic Innovation staff support UIDEA, connecting teams with advisors, holding weekly check-ins with batch participants, recruiting and staffing the Selection Committee, investigating potential opportunities for disruption or growth, advising teams, etc.

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