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Find information on badge-eligible activities you can complete for the University of Illinois Financial Literacy Badges program as well as articles on a variety of financial topics. Digital badges align with the US Department of Treasury's financial core competencies of Borrow, Earn, Protect, Save & Spend.

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  • Reports, Scores & Histories: Credit Secrets Revealed

    According to a report by CFED, over "half of Americans are either 'credit invisible' or have poor credit". Understanding the role that credit reports & scores have in telling our financial story to potential lenders, insurers & employers, is an important part of building wealth and establishing a solid financial footing. The consequences of not understanding the world of credit in the United States can cost consumers thousands upon thousands of dollars throughout the course of their financial lives.

  • Cover Your Assets

    In 2013, fires cost Americans roughly $11.5 billion. Do you know the types of insurance that protects you and your assets from financial loss? Cover Your Assets was recorded on Mar 3, 2017, to help you understand different types of insurance and how they can protect you against financial risk!