University of Illinois Financial Literacy Badges

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Find information on badge-eligible activities you can complete for the University of Illinois Financial Literacy Badges program. Get badges in the US Department of Treasury's financial core competencies of Borrow, Earn, Protect, Save & Spend.

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  • How to Save Money on Food

    Build a healthy, frugal food plan habit while in college and you’ll benefit for the rest of your life!  How to Save Money on Food is part of the Get Savvy: Grow Your Green Stuff webinar series from University of Illinois Extension, University of Illinois USFSCO Student Money Management Center, Columbia College Chicago, North Park University & Southern Illinois University.

  • Submit Your Own Badge-Eligible Activity

    To enhance the electives that can be used to earn these Badges, we want to invite you to submit additional programming provided through colleges, departments and other University units that align with the US National Capability Standards’ themes. 

  • Steps Toward Investing

    University of Illinois Extension, along with the University of Illinois’ Student Money Management Center, hosted the webinar “Steps Toward Investing” on November 11, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. The FREE webinar focused on terms related to investing & the benefits of investing early.

  • Establishing Your Roots: Getting Started with Financial Services

    "Establishing Your Roots - Getting Started with Financial Services" is a recorded webinar to help you learn which financial tools are best for your individual situation - checking accounts, prepaid cards, debit cards, saving accounts and more! Now’s the time to learn which financial tools can help you move forward financially and help you grow your money.