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NOVA is an interactive USFSCO employee engagement program.  Although the participation in this program is not mandatory, USFSCO employees have the opportunity to win points by reporting out on the following:

(1) Professional development opportunities and training 

(2) Pro-actively complete core compliance activities that are imperative to the University of Illinois.  

(3) Create a culture of appreciation and acknowledge other USFSCO staff for going above and beyond across universities.   

(4) Show USFSCO's impact and visibility at the three universities by engaging in individual University activities

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  • Nominator

    Nominate a peer from your unit or another – show your appreciation of how they went above and beyond.

    100 points goes to the nominee.

  • Operator

    Complete assigned University compliance within 7 business days of original announcement: ETHICS, SSN, AITS, FERPA, TITLE IX, FACTA, GLB.

    100 points for early bird completion

  • Valedictorian

    Complete the monthly intranet quiz and/or complete one or all of the following courses: (1) Improve Your Organizational Skills, (2) Master in Demand Professional Soft Skills, and (3) Become a Customer Service Specialist.

    1,000 points for each learning path completed

    100 points for each monthly intranet quiz.

  • Ambassador

    Self nominate your awesome contribution to the University community. 

    200 points for particpation 

Questions/Feedback/Ideas for improvement? Email Lindsay Peters at