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Comments Apr 4, 2018 1:46 pm

P2: statement "...policy applies to Storeroom and Service Fund Type 3E" - begs the question about what policy applies to other ledger 3 fund types.  Will there be a reference or link?


P3: 2nd bullet at the top (annual rate review):  this may be semantics, but should system administrators and auditors be listed? Similar re: P4, 2nd to last paragraph

P4:  "Total allowable costs are divided by the estimated number of users" - should this be "units" rather than "users"?

P5: 'Resources' - should Business Objects be updated to "Web Intelligence" which is the current product?  Also - is it possible to have DS support the reports and add to the catalog of official System reports?

P5: 'Establishing Banner Funds' - Is an initial budget (rate support) required with the fund request?

P7: "Salaries and wages related to the service activity but paid on other institutional funds may only be included in service rates charged to customers external to the System"  << This is at odds with the policy statement on p1: "objective of generating sufficient revenue from sales to finance all costs associated with the activities"  If the policy expectation is to finance all costs then the operational expectation seems to be to capture all costs within the fund.

P8:  "when an entity code has been assigned to the asset" is any entity code acceptable or is a specific entity code related to the activity the expectation? (also mentioned on P9-10)

P11: Plant Fund Reserve - is it necessary to address any differences in depreciation treatment for assets purchased with plant fund reserves generated by a 3E?

At SPaRC recently, a database was announced.  Is expected use and maintenance of the database something to incorporate into this policy? Just asking because I'm not sure if it is mandated in some way.