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Comments Jun 20, 2017 3:29 pm

Section 7.2.2 - The policy statement goes from referencing individuals to which this section applies to making a purchase from the proposed vendor.  There seems to be wording missing that makes a connection between the two (e.g. vendors who are owned by individuals listed above, at specified thresholds).

In the first sentence of the third paragraph under 'Conflict of Interest Review Process', should it say "all proposed procurements...that present prohibited conflicts or potential conflicts...".  I think the word "prohibited" might be missing.

Were you able to consider consolidating the sections titled 'vendor with past prohibited or potential conflict of interest', 'vendor relationship with University employee at time of vendor setup', and 'vendors identified in COI/C management and oversight plans'?  All of these paragraphs state mainly the same thing.  Could we simply bullet point the titles and then cover the procedure below the list?