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Comments May 26, 2017 11:02 am

For financial assistance/sponsorship over $5,000, it says to submit the payment form to purchasing using CARF; however, Financial Assistance Award Agreement is not on option on UIC CARF under Contract Type.  Would this be "Miscellaneous"?  Also, what do we choose for "Procurement Method"?  Info on "Financial Assistance Award Agreements" can be found on OBFS website for UIUC but not UIC. May 26, 2017 10:11 am
  • Under Allowability:  "Prior approval is required from the Assistant Vice President of Procurement Services in the rare circumstance where a unit is requesting a financial assistance/sponsorship payment to an individual."  Who and how do we contact?
  • What is the proper way for a recipient to request financial assistance/sponsorship?  I notice the payment form lists both documentation describing or requesting payment and invoice for payment.  Should this be in the form of a letter and an invoice or can all information be included on an invoice?  Many times conference sponsorship opportunities are found online and lead to either an electronic or printable invoice.  If this is the case, do we also need to obtain a seperate document from the recipient?  Please give clearer examples of proper supporting documentation.
  • Add a link showing who to ask for additional questions on financial assistance/sponsorship payments. May 24, 2017 9:20 pm

The "Unit Head approval and signature cannot be delegated" requirement will be problematic for some units. Is there any room to allow for a delegate to be assigned?

I concur that With/Without Consideration examples are confusing. Could bullet points listed under “Allowable” and “Prohibited”/”Unallowable” categories instead? For example:Allowable:

  • Sponsor Recipient’s annual conference with the following consideration (as long as the payment is not solely being made for that consideration):
  1. Advertising in the conference brochure (as a sponsor)
  2. Conference registration for unit representatives


  • Sponsor Recipient’s annual conference for the sole purpose of:
  1. Providing conference registration for unit representatives
  2. Obtain access to a vendor booth at the conference (you may need to explain this in more detail)
  3. Pay for an individual’s dues to an organization

Please note that the numbered items above should be indented. May 17, 2017 5:43 pm

It is unclear to me when this policy can be applied to RSOs... is it okay, as long as they have a Banner Vendor ID?  First sentence under Procedure defines steps for payment to non-RSO recipients, but there is no subsequent section for payment to RSO recipients.

With/Without Consideration examples used are very broad/generic and confusing.  Could they be made more specific?  Later examples are a little better, but they all seem to contemplate the same scenario - an annual meeting.  Are there other allowable financial assistance scenarios that could be used as examples?  At least one that involved payment to an RSO would be helpful.

Lots of italic text that seems like a placeholder for hyperlinks.  Will those be added to final policy?

Account code is typed incorrectly in #7 under $5000 or Less procedure (168550 instead of 186550).

Steps 5 and 6 under that same section are a little confusing.  Assume this means a contract is not required by the university (#5)?  Might help to add that if Recipient does not require a contract, you can proceed to step 7.

In Step #6 of Over $5000 procedure, to whom will Purchasing route the agreement for review and approval before obtaining signature?

Could not open Financial Assistance/Sponsorship Payment Form using link at bottom of policy.