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Comments Aug 2, 2016 12:39 pm

In the initial policy statement section, we reference 200.403 and include some elements of that UG section either in the bulleted list or in the paragraphs following. However, it appears that the components of 200.403(f) and 200.403(g) are not mentioned in the policy introduction at all.

Also related to the introductory section, recommend referring to 200.404 to further define "reasonable" in the first bullet and to 200.405 to further define "allocable" in the second bullet. For the third bullet, it may be more complete to continue the language to include the UG language citing the 'like and similar' concepts in 200.403(d).

For the 'prior written approval' mention in this initial section my first thought was that it should incorporate reference to 200.407. However, I do see that appears later in this policy document. Could it be hotlinked down to there? May be helpful for those who might not take the time to read through the policy at times.

In all instances, or at least those where we say "see the UG" (paraphrasing), would hyperlinks to the appropriate UG sections be helpful?

Within the PDF supplement for Treatment of Select Items of Cost, there is frequent reference to allowability on other sources of funds. Will it be the responsibility of grants staff to maintain those elements? Alternatively, would it be a lower maintenance option to link out to other policies governing those other sources of funds?

Also, within that same supplement, suggest adding hyperlinks to the other institutional policies mentioned.

Are there / or in the future will there be references to standing sponsor specific policies governing allowability (such as NSF, NIH, USDA, etc)?