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  • Open Comment Period: November 28 - December 9, 2022

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Comments Dec 7, 2022 10:18 am

A few items to consider:

What are the parameters/procedures for using sponsored (federal and private) funds to pay for the lease? 

How are security deposits, and their refunds or withholding (for damage) handled?

The lease terms, particulary the cost, should be detailed in the business case document. Draft of the lease should be attached. What if the employee wants to use grant funds but doesn't have enough to cover the entire lease? Costs are barely mentioned in the draft verbiage, which may very likely result in downstream issues for business managers and dept heads.

Lease spaces and their associated rents can vary considerably. Who/how is the dollar max/necessary space decided?

Does the leased space automatically become the employee's "home base" or create status implications? Would price comparisons to Chicago based flights be needed in travel  reimbursements? Are there other expense or HR implications? Would equipment (Fabweb) need to reflect this? 

The first sentence of the draft policy should clarify if it's the employee that will be reimbursed - if they're expected to pay for the rent up front and then request CR reimbursement.

What happens if an employee on sabbatical or other previously approved leave signs a lease without obtaining prior approval and expects reimbursement?


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