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  • Chicago 3


    Terry Moore is a medicinal chemist focused on discovering new drugs to improve the lives of men and women living with chronic health conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

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  • Chicago new


    Jenny Fontaine examines the health effects of toxic metals in drinking water, including the early effects of arsenic exposure in children living in Bangladesh.

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  • Springfield


    Tih-Fen Ting works to recover threatened and endangered species, such as the osprey.

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  • Urbana new


    Cara Finnegan, treats photography as a subject for rigorous ciritical and historical analysis. She has been instrumental in the explosive growth of visual rhetoric as an area of study.

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  • Urbana 3


    Saurabh Sinha is collaborating with researchers at the Mayo Clinic to develop the computational foundations of the emerging field of pharmacogenomics.

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